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2024 Fireworks and Firecrackers Product Ordering Fair Showcases New Quality Productivity of Fireworks and Firecrackers Industry

From 19th to 21st April, the 2024 Fireworks and Firecrackers Product Ordering Fair was held in Liuyang City Plaza, showcasing the new products and technologies of the fireworks and firecrackers industry in an all-round way.640

In the Fireworks District booth, we see fireworks exhibits include various categories such as salute shells, combination fireworks, spray flowers, spit beads, rubbing guns and so on. The rich and diverse categories bring diversified choices for businessmen and meet their purchasing needs in an all-round way.IMG_0268IMG_0270

"After a year, we continue to hold the 2024 Fireworks and Firecracker Products Ordering Fair, to further help Liuyang to play the 'World Fireworks Capital' brand, enhance the visibility and reputation of Liuyang Fireworks, continue to lead the industry's development, and comprehensively stimulate consumer vitality.

  " The person in charge of the organising committee of the event introduced, held in the same period last year, 2023 fireworks industry ordering fair, the scene reached an intention to order 685, the transaction amounted to 1.757 billion yuan, attracting a total of 32,000 people to the scene to watch the exhibition.


  As the world-renowned "hometown of Chinese fireworks", in recent years, Liuyang continued to promote the safety of the fireworks industry, intelligent, green transformation and upgrading, the development of new quality of productivity to highlight the characteristics of the industry, accelerate the construction of production intensive, standardised, safe and controllable modern fireworks industry system, for the millennium fireworks injected more "Containing the amount of science".

  The current ordering fair set up a total of special exhibition area, fireworks area, machinery area, the total number of booths nearly 200, covering the production of fireworks products, fireworks machinery production, operation and sales, intelligent R & D, packaging and printing, fireworks planning, video surveillance and other fireworks industry chain.

  At the same time, this ordering fair and the second Xiang Gan Art Fireworks Invitational Tournament held at the same time, in the "daytime to see the exhibition, the night to enjoy the fireworks" three-dimensional effect, but also will further drive Liuyang City, the night-time economy and culture and tourism consumption.