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The countdown to Chinese New year Holiday started

With the announcement of the government's suspension of production during the Spring Festival, fireworks production factories have entered a countdown phase. All fireworks production will end their POWDER process on January 30, 2024 at 17:00 and stop all the other process at 19:00 on February 2.



Compared with last year, factories is shutting down one week earlier. With the government's controlling of fireworks production to make sure about safety, the production time of fireworks has been compressed a lot. The cessation of production includes major national events, local conferences, high-temperature holidays, official holidays, etc. The normal production time for a year is around 260 days only.


At the same time, the intensive growth of domestic market selling has resulted in double pressure on export fireworks, leading to the gradual elimination of many products with lower output values. The prices of products with long consumption time and complex processes have also begun to skyhigh.


Despite facing many external uncontrollable factors, our company is also maintaining close communication with the factory to maintain a stable product supply.Finally, I wish every friend a happy Chinese New Year!